Telling the journey of a nation is certainly not an easy job, let alone trying to objectively expose the history of its own people, requires a great soul, because in its journey, a nation often encounters unrealistic situations.

History of Java museum, trying to do it at once, even trying to make the teaching given no longer be something boring. In the museum located on the main route of Yogyakarta tourism Jl. Parangtritis KM 5.5 Bantul. The journey of the Indonesian people seems to be placed in a window frame, where we can judge for ourselves the journey of our nation.
Comprehensively, this unique pyramid-shaped museum tries to provide as much information as possible with the support of collection artifacts and technology, so that visitors can interactively get objective information about their nation.

Relying on Augmented Reality in dozens of information boards, this museum has become one of Indonesia’s modern museums, which pampers visitors for self-photography that is mostly done today.

The collection is based on the chronology of events that cross the Javanese civilization in accordance with its name, History of Java. So that visitors can join in exploring time and more deeply involved in it.
Visitor interaction is also given in the Diorama Hall titled Selfie Mataraman Village which is one of the facilities, where visitors can take pictures in the historical theme there.

This museum has given its role to the history of this nation in a city that is also historic, Yogyakarta, a city with a cultural culture that is still preserved. It is not wrong if we make it the goal to be able to enjoy with our family and friends.

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