The Islamic Mataram Kingdom was heating up, there were differences of opinion about who would occupy the throne after Hanyakrawati died. The heat of the atmosphere even led to the separation of the kingdom.
Then the Hero went down, Pangeran Purbaya, Putra Panembahan Senapati, seated Raden Mas Rangsang on the royal throne, unsheathed the Spear of Heirloom and challenged anyone who opposed the stimulating decision of Rangsang.

No one dared to deny this decision, and Rangsang became the King, later, under Rangsang which later was called the Sultan Agung, the Islamic Mataram reached its glorious time.
Named Jaka Umbaran, the figure of Pangeran Purbaya is indeed a respected figure at that time, the temptation of a severe test during his youth, made Pangeran Purbaya the strongest figure among the Mataram aristocracy.
Refusing to become King, he chose to become a bull of Mataram guards. This is proven by keep guarding the kingdom until his eldest time. Even when the son of the great sultan enthroned, he participated in accompanying the duke of anom to attack the Trunajaya rebel stronghold in the village of Gogodog, where he finally died being attacked by Makassar warriors.
We can find the story of Pangeran Purbaya at the History of Java Museum, located on Jl Parangtritis KM 5.5 Sewon Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta.

Without leaving the main mission of historical education and literacy, the History of Java Museum also intends to make the museum an attractive and up to date educational vehicle.
At the beginning, visitors were invited to catch an audio-visual glimpse of how the island of Java was formed to the people on Java. Then visitors can see the museum collection with historical artifacts.

Interestingly, visitors will be accompanied by a museum story teller that will explain interestingly about the museum’s content and history. Not only that, the History of Java Museum, as well as other D’topeng Group museums, is also equipped with Augmented Reality that visitors can use for self-photography.
Within the collection zone itself, there is a Royal Palace Pavilion, which will display collections and Bilingual Education Board regarding the Surakarta Kasunanan Palace, the Jogjakarta Sultanate Palace, Pura Mangkunegaran and Pura pakualaman.

After the collection zone, visitors will enter the diorama zone with the name Kampung Selfie Mataraman, where visitors can interactively experience interesting things in the past on the island of Java, as well as take pictures on 3D interactive board.

So, it is not wrong if this museum becomes one of the objects that should not be missed if we visit Yogyakarta.

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